About Us

Our company, which started its activities in 2013 in Plant Protection and Plant Nutrition in Antakya / Hatay by undertaking the representation of domestic and foreign companies, our company has become open to development day by day, superior sector knowledge, communication and sales development capabilities, and its innovative structure created in  Lebanon and It has succeeded to be one of the most important suppliers in Plant Protection and Plant Nutrition in Iraqi markets. Over the past period, Royal Chem has created more than 100 product ranges in all product groups it provides, with its own products of the "ROYALCHEM brand", with its own licenses in the subject countries, with its consistently high quality demand and desire, increasing knowledge and dynamic understanding. Thanks to its sales and marketing networks, it has become the No. 1 distributor of both pesticides and products of Turkish pesticides.
Royal Chem aims to spread its researcher structure based on dynamic, hardworking, continuous development and innovation to the country as soon as possible. Royal Chem quality, our work authorization in Turkey to share with the private sector and government institutions and co-operatives inside the dynamism and diligence abroad continues very quickly, our work as soon as our licensed products in Turkey, domestic and overseas to take their place in the market too it continues fast.

To be a company that tries to meet the expectations of our business partners and our industry for quality, competitiveness, innovation and difference, fast communication, fast service and fast problem solving.

To become one of the leading companies by taking its place in the sector with its working structure that prioritizes the understanding of quality, competitiveness and creating difference, firstly adding value to the country and then the world.