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Copper compounds: They are one of the most used protective fungicide groups. Although it is available as ready-made preparations such as virrohydroxide, virrocarbonate, baciroxide, baciroxychloride; bakirsulfate is prepared just before use. Although bacirsulfate, which is a powerful and long-lasting drug, is one of the first fungicides, it is still a preferred and widely used drug today.
It is prepared in a mixture with a certain amount of lime in order to prevent its burning and this mixture is called "Bordeaux slurry". In general, it applies 1% (1 kg CuS04 + 1 kg slaked or 0.5 kg non-quenched lime) or 2% doses in the form of spraying green parts in the early stages of plant development. It is especially recommended against leaf spot and mildew diseases. However, because of the phytotoxic effect in many plants in humid and cool weather, ready copper preparations with less toxic effects are preferred.
Copper fungicides are also recommended against bacterial diseases due to their bactericidal effects. Because they are economical and constitute one of the very few drug groups in which bacteria are affected, it is the only drug group recommended and practically applicable in many plant diseases caused by bacteria.
Sulfur compounds: Sulfur compounds, one of the effective fungicides that can be used against various diseases, are examined in two groups as inorganic and organic sulfur compounds.