How should be the use of nitrogen in corn?

The use of nitrogen in corn, nitrogen improves vegetative parts in corn as in all plants. Nitrogen is included in the structure of many compounds in the plant.
Proteins, nucleic acids, amino acids, enzymes, chlorophyll, ADP, ATP are important organic nitrogen compounds. The growth rate of the plant decreases in case of nitrogen deficiency.
Its growth slows down and its leaves remain small. In its deficiency, starting from the lower leaves (old leaves), its color first turns light green.
Then, outward drying occurs from the middle of the leaf. The body remains thin and weak. Since nitrogen is an element with many losses, it would be more appropriate to minimize the losses by giving certain amounts in each irrigation instead of throwing it into the plant at once.
For 1200 kg of corn decare, approximately 20 kg of nitrogen is used from the soil. This increases as the amount of product increases.