Errors made in the Agricultural Chemicals

The use of broad-spectrum drugs is one of the most common mistakes in our country. However, before the use of the drug, the disease or pest should be identified first and then the use of specific drugs should be preferred. Otherwise, pests are wanted to be kept under control, while beneficial insects are killed.
With the use of drugs with the same active ingredient for the same types of pests, the target is to decrease the effectiveness of the pests in the next generations, and in this case, even more drugs are used.
Failure to comply with the usage rules in the packaging of the products,
Using the drug in a product that is not licensed,
Harvesting of the product before the waiting period is over.
Based on these, the negative effects of unconscious and excessive drug use can be listed as follows:
May cause death of fish and bees.
It mixes with water resources, lakes and rivers, causing pollution.
It can contaminate underground water resources by going underground with rain or irrigation water.
With the intake of non-target environmental creatures, it can be transmitted to humans through the food chain. As a matter of fact, studies show that drug residues are found even in breast milk.
Today, the use of pesticides is carried out all over the world under strict control and control. Important steps are being taken in this regard in our country as well, and the agricultural organizations regarding the measures to be taken in this regard are working to raise awareness of the user.
Unfortunately, in many countries, some of the banned drugs are still used in our country because they are toxic and have a half-life.
Precautions to be taken in the use of pesticides:
The use of pesticides should be strictly controlled by official authorities.
Our farmers who use medicines should be given extensive training on these issues.
It should be ensured that our farmers produce under the supervision of an agricultural engineer.
Alternative methods of struggle used in the world should be encouraged and implemented in our country without delay (Good agricultural practices, the use of durable and suitable varieties according to the regions, etc.).
Harvesting interval should be observed, pesticides that are fast to degrade should be preferred in crops harvested in a short time.
When all necessary precautions are taken and their conscious use is ensured, the benefit of pesticides can be seen.