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Inhibitor Fertilizer

Effective use of nitrogen fertilizers
Efficiency in nitrogen fertilization = the plant's more efficient use of the applied nitrogen.
Nitrogen fertilization is the most widely used method among agricultural applications, and plants can benefit from only 30-35% of the nitrogen applied. Every year, a considerable amount of nitrogen passes to the atmosphere by evaporation, and on the other hand, it is removed from the soil by washing and becomes unusable by plants.
Along with the technological developments, the studies put forward focused on measuring the current nitrogen use efficiency and increasing it to the maximum levels. For this purpose, we recommend using Dash46, a urease inhibitor fertilizer developed to increase the effectiveness of nitrogen fertilization. The urease inhibitor in Dash46 content delays the hydrolysis of urea fertilizer, reducing nitrogen losses (evaporation) in the form of ammonia (NH3).
Why should DASH46 Fertilizers be used?
More homogeneous growth in the plant
Long-term effect on nitrogen
Less nitrate washing
Less risk of burning
Labor saving
- It helps to increase efficiency and quality in appropriate amount usage.
- It provides application in less doses than conventional nitrogenous fertilizers.