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Pure Fertilizer

Calcium Nitrate
15.5-0-0 + 26.5 CaO
It is completely water soluble nitrogen and calcium fertilizer. It has a smooth, fine granular structure and dissolves quickly without leaving any residue. It is suitable for all fertigation systems. It helps to improve the quality elements and to extend the shelf life of the product in the market.
Magnesium Nitrate
10-0-0 + 16mgo
It is the ideal source of magnesium for alkaline soils. Potassium and ammonium help to compensate for magnesium deficiency in a short time with its power of facilitating magnesium intake of nitrate in spite of its magnesium intake preventing effect. Magnesium plays an essential role in the synthesis of chlorophyll in plants as well as assists in various physiological events. Magnesium Nitrate is easily absorbed from the leaf, ideal for foliar application. It can be mixed with Calcium Nitrate.
It is pure, completely water-soluble phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. This feature gives it a wide range of use in many plants. It is fluent, fine crystalline structure, quickly dissolves in water without residue. MKP is suitable for all fertigation systems.
6mgo 13-0-0 + + 16.9cao
Calcium and magnesium are in a form that the plant can easily take. It is not subject to physical inhibition of ammonium, chemical inhibition of phosphate and sulfate, thus facilitating calcium intake. It is not mixed with other fertilizers.
Potassium Sulfate
0-0-51 + 18S
It is a fertilizer with intense potassium content that can completely dissolve in water. It can be used easily with drip irrigation systems. Potassium has positive effects on fruit quality. It is not preferred to apply potassium sulfate from the leaf. It is applied during the flushing period. It helps to increase fruit fullness and color.
Urea Phosphate
It is a phosphorous fertilizer that can fully dissolve in water. It is acidic. It helps to absorb other elements that cannot be taken by lowering the pH in the root area. It is a strong source of phosphorus.
It promotes the formation of healthy green parts in the plant, rooting and flowering. It is applied in the young periods when the plants need high phosphorus.